Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Power of Images - Be Safe on the Internet

Think of how other people respond to you, before you place an image of yourself on the Internet.

Always ask permission in a proper way, before you place an image of others on the Internet - if you get a NO - delete the image!

Think twice, before you publish images on the Internet.

Remember that there are copyrights (C) on most images, which are obtainable on the Internet.

When you see an image on the Internet - check the sender before you use it.

Remember! Never attach your real name, address or phone number to your image on the Internet.

Don't put images on the Internet which can offend or hurt others.

Don't put manipulated images on the Internet without attaching specific information.

Don't do anything, unless you are sure of the rules!

Think before you click 'Done'!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

'Working with Images on the Internet'

As you will see on this BLOG, we have been working with images in several different ways.
It all started by doing innocent creative collages by cutting in magazines and making drawings our selves - then we made a proper Power Point for our friends at Semley Primary School in Dorset by taking pictures of our school.
It all ended up in working with the theme
'how to manipulate images and create a story!!!'
After working with manipulated images - seeing our selves in untrue situations, we are now all aware of the many traps one can meet on the sites we daily visit.

We have made 10 statements which we find important to follow if and when you use images on the Internet.

Hope it is not too far down!

Look what we did to this student further down the BLOG.....

Amazing how you can create stories!

'The Power of Image' - Helt sikkert på Nettet!

Tænk på hvordan andre vil opfatte dig, inden du lægger et billede af dig på nettet.

Spørg altid om lov på den ’gode måde’, før du lægger billeder af andre på nettet – hvis du får et NEJ! – Delete billedet

Tænk dig om 1x ekstra gang om, før du offentliggør billeder på nettet.

Husk der er copyright © på de fleste billeder, der er tilgængelig på nettet

Når du ser billeder på nettet – undersøg hvem afsenderen er, før du bruger det!

Husk – Brug aldrig dit rigtige navn, adresse eller telefonnummer sammen med billeder på nettet.

Lad være med at lægge billeder, der kan fornærme og såre andre, ud på nettet.

Lad være med at lægge manipulerede billeder på nettet - uden en særlig oplysende tekst.

Hvis du ikke er sikker på reglerne, så hold dig fra tasterne!

Tænk før du klikker på 'Enter'!

What a lovely view from up here! Which direction is Dorset?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2007

In December the girls from the grades went to the Town Hall and sang Christmas carols.

This is a part of the people in Middletown.
In English classes we work with a 'Storyline called Middeltown'. We have created a person each, given each a name and age.